Bio-Algae Concentrates Can Help the Body Reverse Cancer

This article has been edited due to space restrictions.

There have been many animal studies done involving Bio-Algae Concentrates and the body’s immune response to cancer. These studies were performed in the context of a fifteen year, multi-million dollar research project, involving hundreds of researchers and sponsored by the Academy of Science and Ministry of Nutrition of the former Soviet Union.

Studies involved a large poultry farm that had an epidemic of Marek’s disease. This is a tumor causing disease that is transmitted virally and is prevalent in chickens. Those afflicted with this disease, develop tumors, and become emaciated with the mortality rate of nearly 100%. Vaccination is recommended for all chicks one day old, to prevent the spread, but the vaccination only prevents the formation of tumors, not infection.

This study ran for 11 years, consisted of 600 farm workers and 1.5 million egg laying chickens. The Primary mandate of the study was to eradicate the disease and prevent future cases. Within the first year, the project achieved complete eradication of the disease, saved 100% of the animals and returned 50% of the hens to egg laying productivity. This was accomplished by supplementing the diet of organic grains with Bio-Algae concentrates only! No antibiotics, growth hormones or other artificial means were used. There was an overall productivity of 20% and the following were observed.

* Eradication of Marek’s disease· and less disease· overall

* Larger, leaner animals

* Larger eggs with stronger shells due to more calcium

* Birth survival· increased by 8 %

* 24 vs. 17 months of egg· laying due to diminished bone· loss·

* 301 vs. 250 eggs per year per chicken·

* Absence of pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella

* Better tasting meat· and eggs

* Higher concentration· of curative· nutrients in the eggs even when eaten raw·

Another study involved 54,000 pigs suffering a variety of cancers. The Moscow Academy of Sciences suggested a second research be built near the farm of the pigs with cancer. Bio-Algae Concentrate blends were formulated for the pigs, and within one year, the epidemic was under control and the cancers had subsided.

Another study was performed at the Osaka Institute of Public Health in Japan. The scientists found that spirulina algae promotes the activation of natural cancer fighting substances in the human body. In this clinical study, cancer patients over 40 years of age were given 50ml of Lina Green 21 (a spirulina extract). The level of natural cancer fighting substances forms of cytotoxic lymphocytes and interferon gamma were measured in their blood and found that after 1-2 weeks of spirulina were significantly increased, even after stopping the administration of the spirulina. The findings lent further support to the existing body of research that suggested the spirulina algae has an immune boosting effect.

* Savage, Tina. “Marek’s Disease.” University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, August, 2008.

* “Human Clinical Trial Shows Spirulina May Increase Natural Cancer Fighting Substances in the Body” The Free Library 14 February 2001.”

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