Service Animal Healing

Is your dog, horse, or any other animal you have, a certified service animal?  Do they visit retirement/nursing homes, hospitals, or comfort those who have suffered tragedies? Is your animal a, First Responder, K9 or Military Dog?

After their visits, do you sense or notice your animals:

  • Feeling stressed and tired?
  • Depressed?
  • Do they take on the stresses of the humans/animals they have been comforting?

Many animals especially those who have entered the field of healing and comfort, will often take on the energies of those they are healing.  They too, can also experience PTSD in their working environment.  

If ignored, these animals, may develop health or emotional issues.  As their guardians, you can help relieve them of these absorbed energies.  If ignored, it can lead to health issues for your service animal.

We humans have ways of dealing with our stress, the animals do not, but we can be of service to them by providing them with what we, in the holistic healing field call, “energetic hygiene.”  

These are simple methods that you can apply to your service animal after their interactions with the:  elderly, disabled, sick, depressed, traumatized or those who are in the process of crossing over. Energetic Hygiene is a simple procedure to keep their energetic bodies clean and charged with positive energy.  It begins before your animal begins his work day.

  • Cleanse and clear his auric fields
  • Surround him in protective Light
  • Whisper to them, your love and remind them not to take on the energies of others, but to simply send their love.

During his work day, you may find you need to clear their energy fields if they encountered a difficult of emotional situation.

At the end of their workday, take a few minutes to disconnect the animal from the location and people he worked with.  At home, cleanse their auric field and release the accumulated energies of the humans they interacted.  Bathe them in healing and loving white light while you massage them or what ever favorite  ritual you have with your animal when relaxing and bonding with them.

Sometimes after an extremely stressful day, a few rounds of the Emotional Freedom Technique is beneficial for both the human and their service dog.

If you would like to learn how to perform these techniques, I offer tele-classes in Energetic Hygiene and offer reduced rates to service organizations, individuals who work/train service animals, and to military personnel who have a service dog as their companion.

Linda Epstein

Energetic Therapy for All God’s Creatures

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