I offer the following services:

The Emotional Freedom Technique

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini

Long Distance Treatments: I will work with you or your animal companions from my healing room at the scheduled time. During that time, please provide a calming and relaxing environment for yourself, and any other person or animal that I shall be working on.

For animals sessions, I find that for most animals there is less stress if they remain in the security and comfort of their own home.

When the session has been completed, I will either call you or email you, depending on what was decided, to discuss the session.

In Person Treatments: Coming to your residence, farm or stable greater than a 15 mile radius from Island Lake, will incur additional charges for travel.

Sessions for aggressive animals are long distance only.


The cost, for the session followup phone consult, and a post email followup within 48 hours are included within the timeframe for any healing modality, except for EFT sessions. **

15 minute check up, (for existing clients, who want a quick check in with their animal). $20

30 minute session $55

45 minute session $75

60 minute session $100

Healing Session Packages:

(3) 30 minute sessions $135

(3) 60 minute sessions $255

** For EFT Sessions:

A 60 minute EFT for an animal or human session consists of: a 20 minute phone consult to prepare for the 20 minute tapping session with you over the phone and a personalized protocol sent to you within 24 hours so you can continue tapping EFT for your animal. $125 Healing Package of 3 sessions, is $320

To set up an appointment: Contact me by email:

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